VireXbuster® passed the dermatological test with the grade “Excellent”.

  •     Dermatological test passed with a rating of „excellent”
  • Test carried out by the independent lab dermatest GmbH (Münster)
  • VireXbuster® has been tested with standard protocol on a pool of 30 human probands

Eschborn, Germany. The independent dermatology institute dermatest GmbH in Münster has certified VireXbuster® Spray. The test has been conducted according to the dermatological test protocol from the ICDDRG (International Contact Dermatitis Research Group).  Dermatest GmbH has certified that the product does not cause toxic-irritative intolerance reactions when in contact with human skin.

VireXbuster dermatest

The test has been carried out on a pool of 30 panelists
(of various genders and a broad age spread) for 72 hours.

 This is a significant step for DaXem GmbH – the maker of VireXbuster® – for broader acceptance as the product will be demanded also in sectors where a full clearance on skin safety is mandatory.

Sectors like supermarkets or public transportations require dermatological tests because people can hold handles or shopping carts for a long time, and the surface treatments applied have to be safe for the skin.

 With VireXbuster®, DaXem offers an innovative product with the unmatched self-disinfecting feature to protect substrates from Viruses and Bacteria for up to 12 months.

VireXbuster® is extremely easy to apply, and it is suitable for virtually any hard surface.

The product is produced at the production facilities in Bavaria, and it is available in a spray can 400ml and 1 Ltr. Sampling and information available at


DaXem GmbH is a German company specialized in coating technology with biocidal properties. The biocidal performance of their products have been certified by internationally recognized institutes such as Fraunhofer Institut IZI and QualityLab BT.