VireXbuster® countless applications

VireXbuster is a product that provides safe environment with minimal efforts. In fact the product is extremely easy to use and has an excellent compatibility with almost all the substrate. Here are listed just few possible applications.

EV charging stations & Fuel pump nozzles

These type of handles are being touched more than a hundred times a day, by a multitude of people from all walks of life. Those handles would need to be constantly disinfected in order to be hygienically safe. However, with only one application of VireXbuster® Spray they are safe for usage, and most importantly: free from viruses and bacteria for months.

Charging station with VireXbuster
ATM with Virexbuster

pads and ATM

VireXbuster® Spray is suitable for every metal surface; thus it is perfect to make ATM and Key-Pads safe, clean and hygienic for up to 12 months.


A study reveals that 3 on 5 employees would change employer if in the office are not implemented adequate measures of Corona-virus prevention. A safe work environment is what companies have to provide and employees require. Most of the times offices cannot kept safe by wiping many times a day all the surfaces which are being touched frequently and by different people. Also, computer keyboards would need to be disinfected with gels and/or other quickly evaporating substances with an effect that last only a few seconds. VireXbuster® Spray is suitable for virtually all the plastics you can have in the office and provides a long-lasting safe environment for several months

VireXbuster im Büro
VireXbuster in U-Bahnen

Public Transportations

It is imperative for our modern life style to be able to use multiple different vehicles in order to reach our final destination, and that on a daily basis. We all got used to changing from trains to trams to Subways to Rental Cars and/or Car-Sharing. This trend will be intensified by the requirement to be climate-neutral mobility. Needless to point out, that during a single journey there is a multitude of surfaces that we touched frequently. It is next to impossible to clean and disinfect all those exposed surfaces continuously in order to keep them hygienically clean and safe with normal gel and wipes. However, with only one application of VireXbuster® Spray they are safe for usage, and most importantly: free from viruses and bacteria for up to 12 months.

Emergency hygiene

In emergency situations is difficult to insure the necessary hygiene during the Prehospital phase. When the evacuation of the injured subject is delayed or not possible, as in a combat scenario, is possible to create an instant sterile ambient spraying the environment surfaces. Moreover infections due by multi-drug resistant organism (MDROs) are predominantly acquired through nosocomial transmission in the chain of tactical combat casualty care. VireXbuster® Spray can coat the potential touch surfaces (vehicles interiors, temporary facility or shelters, stretchers, to mention a few) creating a continuously active sterile ambient.

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