About Us

DaXem GmbH is the thought-leader in the design and development of newly developed and innovative biocidal surface coating spray, that is commercialized under the trade-name: VireXbuster® Spray.   DaXem GmbH's founders are experienced professionals and industry veterans with an interdisciplinary academic and work background, with strong competencies and expertise in finance, chemistry and industrialization.   As a scientifically driven company, we create transparent, high-performance coatings based on coating technology, biology and process engineering expertise. Our utmost goal is to offer our clients coating solutions that improve their quality of life, so that they can live in a safer and hygienically clean environment. The technology behind our products is a proprietary patented hybrid organic-inorganic coating composition that brings two important features, which are excellent biocidal properties against the wider biocide activity range combined with high compatibility with most of substrates.  DaXem has an industrial partner in Bavaria.  This partner has more than 35 years of experience in the sector and has secured over the years a leading position as a producer of coating and spray solutions.