Safe environments against viruses and Bacteria for up 12 months

VireXbuster® is most likely the most innovative biocidal coating. The product   kills bacteria, coronavirus & viruses a keeps the treated area safe for months.

Invented and produced in Bavaria (Germany) by DaXem. DaXem’s scientists a proprietary hybrid technology compatible with most of the substrates & easy to apply.

VireXbuster® is easy to apply on virtually every surface. No curing and no primer needed.After the treatment, the surface is disinfected  for up to 12 months. 

VireXbuster Spray Can

Why VireXbuster

VireXbuster® Spray is an innovative active antivirus and antibacterial coating.

It actively kills 99,99% bacteria, and de-activates all kind of virus, especially all variant of Corona-Virus.

The pandemic has changed our way of life. We all live in a new world dominated by the omnipresence of new safety and hygiene rules applied everywhere. We all wear masks, practice social distancing, and increase the number of individuals having received their shot of vaccine. Yet, the Virus keeps spreading, mutating and circulating.

VireXbuster® Spray keeps the treated surfaces and areas hygienically clean and safe up to 12 months upon application.

VireXbuster® Spray has been invented, developed and produced 100 %

in Germany by DaXem GmbH, an highly specialized expert in  antimicrobial coatings.

DaXem’s scientists have a long-standing track-record know-how in biocidal coatings and surface modifiers.

VireXbuster Applications

VireXbuster® is a product that provides clean, safe and hygiene environments with minimal efforts. In fact the VireXbuster® Spray is extremely easy to use and has an excellent compatibility with almost all the substrates.

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