VireXbuster®'s Hybrid Technology

DaXem’s scientists have developed a hybrid organic-inorganic coating technology which provides an incredibly versatility and makes the coating compatible with practically most of all materials. The hybrid technology is underlying groundwork

which provides the efficient and by the same token robust biocidal performance. In fact once the anti-microbial coating is applied onto the surface it is immediately active against viruses and bacteria, and specifically against Coronavirus. The product is produced by an industrial partner with years-long professional experience and state-of-the-art production facilities and in B2B supply chain fulfillment and located in Bavaria.

DaXem is continuously improving and/or expanding its product portfolio. Hence the adoption of innovative coating solutions for its customers has utmost priority. 

surface treated with VireXbuster

At the outset of the design and development of VireXbuster®, the scientific team

of DaXem clearly had two principle guidelines in mind:

  1. a) the biocidal performance had to meet DaXem’s high standards;
  2. b) the compatibility with substrates had to be ensured at all development steps.

The R&D team has already tested a variety of substrates and determined that VireXbuster®

Spray can be applies virtually on all plastics and metals. Moreover, and unlike most of

paints and/or coatings, VireXbuster® is monocomponent, does not need a primer and drying time is just few minutes.

Most of the time VireXbuster® needs just one application; no need for time-consuming

double substrate treatments.

VireXbuster® is easy to use on every surface

Instructions VireXbuster®

Virexbuster Instructions