Spring 2024: VireXbuster was awarded for its innovative and effective disease control technology by GHP
Frankfurt, Oct. 13th 2021: Fraunhofer Institut has tested VireXbuster is effective against Coronavirus (99.9%)
Frankfurt, 18. Nov. 2021: DaXem ist nun offizieller Lieferant der UNO
Frankfurt, Nov. 5th 2021: Daxem is now member of AMICI

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VireXbuster Spray is also dermatologically certified

Frankfurt, Jan. 28, Jan. 2022:

VireXbuster® Spray has today been certified by dermatest GmbH – a German-based

Dermatology laboratory. The result has been classified as „excellent “.

VireXbuster Spray is from now dermatologically tested.

DaXem now approved UN supplier

Frankfurt, Nov. 18th 2021:

DaXem GmbH, the producer of VireXbuster® Spray has been approved by the UN organization as supplier for antimicrobial and biocidal surface coatings.

DaXem now official member of AMiCI

Frankfurt, Nov. 5th 2021:

DaXem GmbH is now an official and accredited member of AMICI, the European Consortium active in the realm of development and promotion of new anti-microbial coatings. AMiCI stands for Anti-Microbial Coating Innovations, and has set out to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

VireXbuster® is certified by the Fraunhofer Institute

Frankfurt, Oct. 13th November 2021.

VireXbuster® Spray, DaXem’s antimicrobial product, has been certified by the Fraunhofer Institute in Leipzig for the product’s efficacy against bacteria, virus and also the Coronavirus, by 99,99 %.

VireXbuster® is certified by the QualityLab in Nuermberg

Frankfurt, Sept. 12th 2021:

QualityLabs in Nuermberg has certified that VireXbuster® is particularly effective with regards to protecting our environment against bacteria. The certified efficacy is at 99.9%.