The technology
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Virexbuster & ATM
Virexbuster is suitable for all the metals to protect frequently touched surfaces
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Offices and other work environments
VireXbuster has truly countless applications when it comes to work environments
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VireXbuster for public transportations
VireXbuster is the solution to guarantee safe environment for commuters
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Why VireXbuster

Chaotic world we live

Our world has changed forever. We are now all conscious that our social life brings the peril of infections and transmission of viruses and bacteria. The pandemic has forced authorities and companies to react and they all strive to provide solutions aimed to guarantee a safe enviroment without compromisizing our social life. 

Scientists have been asked to provide the viable solutions and many options are now available. Virexbuster is the only surface treatment that provides a >99.9% protection against Coronavirus and Bacteria for months without the need to refresh r clean the substrate, Easy to